5 Axis CNC Machines

The AES Vega 5X is a 5 axis CNC machine available with various bed sizes in the X direction and uses the latest design with bridge style gantry construction to give the highest level of strength as the heavy-duty router head moves through different planes during cutting.

The machine uses the branded HSD 5 axis router head which gives an endless movement in both the A and C axis, hence allowing a seamless cut on even the most complex of parts. This is the most suitable solution to ‘machine on the move’ and ideal for curved or circular cutting through 360 degrees without the need for the head to come out and unwind before cutting again. The router is for heavy duty applications and is 11Kw with liquid cooling. The machine is also equipped with a 12-position rotary tool changer to minimise cycle time when changing tools. The AES Vega 5X 5 axis CNC router is also equipped with a high-performance HSD boring head as standard giving 10 x face drills, allowing drilling to all 4 sides and has a grooving saw in the X direction so can easily process more standard flat panel style of work. The consoles and pods are from Schmaltz and have double locking for extra security. The AES 5 axis CNC router comes complete with Alphacam Ultimate CAD/CAM software as standard and has several additional options available including conveyor to take away the waste from inside the machine and a laser to allow correct positioning of the vacuum pods.

Equipped with the endless HSD 11 Kw router head, the AES Vega 5 axis CNC router is not only generously equipped but also heavily constructed making the CNC woodworking machine a fantastically versatile all-round solution for manufacturers using panel, solid wood or composite materials.