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Woodworking Boring & Drilling Machines

J&C O’Meara supply high quality Woodworking Boring & Drilling machines. We have a wide selection available for you to choose from.


You are sure to find the perfect machine for you. We have both manual controlled and CNC operated drilling/boring machines. We have drilling machines available that are pneumatic powered or electric powered and we have free standing or bench mounted machines.


We stock the AES Siruis 950 CNC Drilling Machine, this point-to-point boring machine is programmable and extremely accurate, it also has a heavy duty construction. This CNC Drilling Machine provides rapid production and cost effectiveness.


Our Woodworking Drilling Machines include the Kreg DK 1100FE which has many functional features including the one touch foot pedal operation & swing stops for optimised material positioning. It also runs quickly, quietly & reliably which makes it extremely efficient & productive.


Our Woodworking Hinge Boring Machines include the Tiger Hinge Borer & Wolf Hinge Borer – which are both high quality and reliable.


The difference between boring & drilling is that drilling is done to create a hole in a solid surface using a drill bit, whereas boring is done to enlarge an existing hole which could have been created by drilling.


Here at J&C O’Meara we’d be happy to assist you in finding the perfect drilling or boring woodworking machine, we pride ourselves on finding our customers the ideal products that will suit all their requirements.


Struggling to find the ideal boring or drilling woodworking machine for you? We can provide assistance. Contact our friendly team on 01704 893 109.