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Spindle & Planer Moulder Machines

J & C O’Meara stock a wide range of spindle and planer woodworking moulder machines. Moulders are a crucial part of any workshop, they mold cuts into a piece of wood using a rotating spindle. They’re used to shape the edges of wood or create designs. The rotating spindle on these moulders can be rotated at various speeds depending on the work or tooling.

We stock a wide range of spindle moulder machines, so you’re sure to find one that matches your every requirement. The SM55t is one of our moulder machines, it is designed with a backward tilting spindle which is belt driven by an industrial motor and runs in “sealed for life” bearings, these require only minimal maintenance.

We also have the SF220 Fixed Spindle (Non-Tilt) moulder machine available. This extremely versatile spindle moulder is part of our Genisis range. The heavy-duty fence assembly has micro adjustable fence plates for ease of setting and accurate moulding.


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