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Woodworking Machinery Parts

We supply a range of woodworking machinery parts and accessories including drill bits, mortise chisels, sawblades, limiter cutterheads, groovers, cutter blocks, safety guards and much more. Like our machines, our parts and tooling is of the highest quality. Our woodworking machinery tooling and spare parts can be fitted to new or old woodwork machines.

We stock various sized sawblades suitable for a range of different uses including chipboard and joinery. Cutter blocks are also included in our woodworking machine tooling range, we stock the serrated ones in 15 different sizes and supply cutter blocks for the Genesis Edge Banders so you’re sure to find the right one to suit your requirements. Our Turn Blade Groovers are available in 54 different sizes and our adjustable grooving heads are available in 14!

Here at J&C O’Meara we can supply you with the woodworking machine tooling, parts and accessories to suit all your woodwork machinery requirements. If you have any enquiries, our friendly team can help, simply get in touch with us today!