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Woodworking Planer/Thicknesser Machines

If you’re looking to order a woodworking plane or thicknesser, J&C O’Meara have a wide selection to choose from. Click on any of the woodworking thicknesser/planers above to see all the features and specifications.

Here at J&C O’Meara, we pride ourselves on the satisfaction of each of our customers. Because of this, every one of our wood planer machines are of the highest quality.


We stock the TERSA series which is currently on offer for a discounted price! The PT TERSA , the MB TERSA & the CP TERSA are all a traditional woodworking planer thicknesser with many features including a cutterblock.


The combined planer thicknesser is a merged woodworking machine which trims wood perfectly, these are very popular within the industry and we have a large stock of them.  The H410 Multi is a woodworking plane and thicknesser all in one – moving from planing to thicknessing mode can be one continuous movement so it’s extremely accurate & has just one dust extraction point meaning it’s easy to operate & more efficient.


We also stock the wood surface planer; this machine is used for straightening wood or more specifically, planing one side and one face so they’re straight and square to eachother. The surface planer series we stock is called Type R, these planers have many features - they are of heavy-duty construction, have longer planing tables for better straightening and have powered adjustment to the infeed table as standard.


We also have a range of woodworking thicknessers to choose from. The wood surface planer machine is different from the woodworking thicknesser, it works from the bottom of the wood and can make an uneven board straight and flat whilst the thicknesser works from the top of the board and will make that straight and flat board an even or constant thickness. All our wood thicknessers are efficient & top quality so you’ll be sure to find one that’s suited to you.


Here at J&C O’Meara, we understand it can be difficult sometimes to choose between a planer, thicknesser or combined machine, our experts are here to assist you in finding out about the differences and similarities and also providing you with advice on which machine would be best suited to you and your work. We can help you choose the ideal wood planer machine or thicknesser to suit all your requirements. Need help ordering or have an enquiry? Contact our friendly team on 01704 893 109.