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omc oil heated veneer press

8ft x 4ft Oil Heated Press

Press structure

Press structure is composed by fe 430 beams assembled and welded together.

Fixed and movable platen structure composed by fe 430 beams assembled and welded together

All reference planes are machined by mean of cnc tool-machines to ensure a perfect parallelism during the final assembling of the press. 

The press is equipped with rack and pinion guide system for a perfect parallel movement  while press platen is closing/opening.


Heating platens

Assembled steel platens fabricated type predisposed for heating by means of thermal oil.

Maximum temperature of the heating medium: 120 °c.

Maximum pressure of the heating liquid: 2 bar.

Between the press structure and the heating platen is positioned a thermal insulating sheet.

The platens are complete of flexible piping and manifold suitable for the use of heating liquid.


Hydraulic system

*      hydraulic system composed by double stage oil submerged pump for good noiselessness and better lubrication of rotating parts

*      quick closing/opening pump (high delivery-low pressure 38 l/min), pressing cycle pump (low delivery-high pressure 2.4 l/min)

*      central hydraulic unit complete with the following control/safety mechanical valves, mounted over the oil tank:

*      closing pump pressure safety valve to set the stand by condition of the pump. It allows energy saving and prevents oil heating

*      pressure pump safety valve (max. Pressure valve). It avoids too high hydraulic system pressure situation in case of electric and/or electronic control fault

*      pressure holding valve (retaining valve)

*      low releasing pressure valve (pre-releasing valve). It avoids dangerous ram hit inside the system

*      high volume oil release control magnet.

*      hydraulic power 2,2 kw


The hydraulic pushing pistons are of steel for mechanical application based on a OMC project, and tested in lots of functioning pieces

The gaskets are of internationals firms and they are interchangeable each others. The stems are chromium-plated in order to increase the hardness and they slide on brasses of no-rub and constantly lubricated by the same oil used for the pressure

Unions and pipes comes from the commerce and follow the european laws and have a high range of security

Technical features

- Platen dimensions 2500 x 1300 mm

- upstroke design

- fabricated steel platens

- platens covered by aluminum

- no. 6 pressing cylinders ø 70 mm

- stroke 400 mm

- press opening 400 mm

- total thrust 90 ton

- loading/unloading from both 2500 mm sides

- platens already predisposed to be heated with thermo oil

- timer opening

- safety cable all around the machine

- intermediate plate