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This safety and pressure unit, sets a new high standard in machining for the vertical spindle moulder. Engineered to provide an easily adjustable rigid structure. The adjustment for horizontal and vertical position is totally tool free ensuring minimal resetting time. The vertical pressure shoe is spring loaded to provide precise and easy feeding across the point of cut. The horizontal pressure shoe is made of high strength transparent polycarbonate. This allows the operator to observe the workpieces whilst machining proceeds. The design of the unit allows top and side pressure to be applied during stopped machining.


  • Solid aluminium casting with hard coat finish.
  • Vertical pressure guide, aluminium with a hard coat layer.
  • Horizontal pressure guide, aluminium with hard coat finish.
  • Ergonomically shaped locking nuts.
  • Continuously adjustable support rod.
  • Wear resistant high strength transparent shoe providing horizontal pressure.
  • Spring loaded vertical pressure shoe.
  • Mounting pedestal threaded for M10 studs/cap screws.
  • See pages 48 to 57.
  • Spring loaded bolt to locate the Centrex in its working and nonworking raised position.
  • The Centrex is easily swung into the vertical position to allow for tool changing or the use of a power feed unit.
  • The Centrex can be used for trial cuts prior to the use of a power feed unit.