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knife setter

Knife Setter


A Pair of magentic planer knife setting tools.


When fitting new planer knives, or re-fitting knives which have been sharpened, it is very important that they are re-set correctly. Each blade must protrude from the cutterblock by the same amount to give a clean cut. Incorrectly set blades will cause an imbalance and a vibration which could damage the machine.


The setting jig has magnetic feet which are placed directly onto the cutterblock. The feet swivel to account for different diameter cutterblocks.


The knife itself is held onto another magnet which is height adjustable. The height can be set extremely finely with graduations down to 0.15mm. With the knife loose in the block ensure both setting jigs read the same, then lock the blades into the block and repeat for the other knives.


Can be used with any planer or thicknesser, with cutterblock diameter between 75mm and 125mm (3" to 5")and providing the cutterblock can be fully accessed.

Supplied in a wooden storage case.