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Planes and moulds on all four sides in one pass, made of stainless steel with a planed cast iron table. Vertical cutters take standard Euro cutters to give four functions


Maximum Width: 260mm

Maximum Height: 10-80mm

Max Width: 300mm

Height: 10-230mm

Maximum Width: 410mm

Height: 230mm

Diameter: 72mm

Width: 410mm

Power: 3Kw (4HP)

Speed: 6000 rpm

Cutting depth (max.): 8mm

Profile depth (max.): 10mm

Lower Horizontal Cutter:

Diameter: 72mm

Width: 300mm

Power: 3Kw (4HP)

Speed: 6000 rpm

Cutting depth (max.): 0-4mm

Profile depth (max.): 15mm

Spindle Diameter: 30mm

Cutter Height (max.): 100mm

Diameter - max: 140mm

Power: 3Kw (4HP)

Speed: 6000 rpm

Cutting depth (max.): approx. 30mm

Type: TB90 steel fzb

Dia. head: 90mm

Height, head: 40mm

Blades, type: HSS

Blades, width: 50mm

Power: 0.37Kw

Feed speed: 2-12m/min

Length x width: 1100x900mm

Height: 970mm

Weight: 410Kg

  • 4-sided Moulding:
  • 2-sided Moulding:
  • 1-sided moulding or thicknessing (needs assembling)
  • Upper Horizontal Cutter:
  • Vertical Cutters:
  • Standard Cutter
  • Feed, Planetary Gear
  • Dimension & Weight

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