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ph360 planer moulder



A planer for efficient planing.

PH360 planes and profiles four sides in one pass. Gives good results with high quality, finish and  with, perfect measurement.

The machine is easy to adjust; you can re-set profiles and dimensions in a matter of minutes It is therefore suitable for the rapid production of planed wood in larger and smaller series.

Making it perfect for:

The joinery for the manufacture of furniture components,
windows, frames, etc. thanks to its capacity and
rich moulder function

In the sawmill for the manufacture of smaller strips up to floorboards
and beams.

On the farm for renovation, expansion and sale.

The major industry of specialized and smaller series, thanks to the
is easily adjustable and economical for these series sizes.

In building its capacity from small bars to large profiled beams and timber blocks. When special profiles and even smaller series needed.
It could also can be used in place because it is  removable.




Large capacity.
The machine has a large capacity, up to 360 mm wide and 130 mm high at the four-sided planing/moulding. For two-sided planing is the
height 230 mm width 410 mm
-Sided planing and after assembly, the entire 510 mm planing width used in
a maximum height of 230 mm.
At same time you can also mould.
Profile depth and cutting depth are also impressive.

For vertical cutters, the machine has two spindles
30 mm diameter and 130 mm height. This means that there is a wide range
of tools on the market.
Side cutters come with as standard. Thus, the machine
ready to dimensional planing and for moulding it is only necessary
to add profile knives.

Horizontal cutters can be set up with 4 functions:

-planing with 2 blades

-planing with 2 blades and moulding with 2 profile blades

-moulding with 4 profile blades to combine 2 different profiles

-planing with 4 blades for even a better finish

All cutter blocks can use moulding cutters and we have a large selection of profiles. You can also have them custom design.

The machine has 5 feeding-rollers.The last feeding roller is made with a polyurethane coating for good grip, long life, and without affecting the planed surface.

Five motors
All four cutters and feed powered by separate motors, with on and off button. The control panel all buttons and with indicator lights are easily available.
Built-in switch for chip extractor or 5th cutter.
Controlled from the control panel

Clear and adapted to a fifth universal cutter

Of course, machine has cast iron table for stability, precision and durability.


Wood Dimensions
4-sided planing
Max width 360 mm
Height 10 to 130 mm
2-sided planing
Planing width 410 mm
Height 10 to 230 mm
Planing (requires assembly)
Planing width 510 mm
Height 230 mm

Upper horizontal cutter
Diameter 88 mm
Width 510 mm
Power 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
Speed ​​6000 r / min
Chip depth, max 8 mm
Profile depth, max 20 mm

Lower horizontal cutter
Diameter 72 mm
Width 410 mm
Power 4 kW (5.5 HP)
Speed ​​6000 r / min
Chip Depth 0-8 mm
Profile depth, max 10 mm (slot drill 15 mm)

Cutters Speed ​​6000 rpm

Vertical cutters
Spindle diameter 30 mm
Cutter Max 130 mm
Diameter max 140 mm
Power 3 kW (HP)
Side cutters Speed ​​6000 rpm
Cutting depth, max 30 mm
Included standardkuttrar
Type TB90 steel
Diameter, body 90 mm
Body height 40 mm
Cut, nature plan HSS
Cut 50 mm wide

Feed, planetary
Power 0.75 kW (1 HP)
Feeding speed 3-15 m / min or
6-30 m / min
Electrical System
Total power 16 kW (22 HP)
Electrical connection 3-phase, 16 - 32 A, 400V
Dimensions and weight
Length and width of 1970 x 1125 mm
Height 1430 mm
Weight 675 kg

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