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SC 530

SC 530

 Industrial quality combined planing and thicknessing machine with both planer tables lifting simultaneously to ensure easy access when thicknessing and efficient extraction from the cutter block.


The machines have various options available including;

  • Powered raise and lower of the thickness bed
  •  Idle rollers in the thickness bed
  • TERSA cutterblock 
  • Upgraded motor sizes
SC       530
Length of cutter roller mm     530
Diameter of cutter roller mm     120
Speed of cutter roller rpm     5000
Motor power kW     5,5
Total length of tables for planer mm     2350
Legth of table for thickenesser mm     1000
Height of workpiece for thickenesser mm     3 - 250
Max. removal of workpiece mm     5
Speed of feeding for thickenesser m/min     6 / 12
Dimension of ruler mm     1300 x 180
Weight mm     850
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