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Single Ended Tenoner TE/TESH

Taking only minutes to set up work is positioned on the rolling table against an end stop and a fence, which is secured by a cam action clamp.

Safety Features: Automatic braking, starters with thermal overload, no volt release protection and lock off emergency switch, lightweight cutter blocks with chip limiting devices, large diameter dust extraction outlets and one piece cutter guard.


  • Motor Rating: 2 x 2.2Kw
  • Timber capacity: 130mm x 310mm
  • Timber Capacity with fence at 45 degeres: 130mm x 195mm
  • Maximum Length of Tenon: 155mm
  • Maximum Length of Tenon - 2 passes: 205mm
  • Vertical Adjustment of Bottom Cutter Block: 0 to 60mm
  • Vertical Adjustment of Top Cutter Block: 0 to 120mm
  • Horizontal Adjustment of Top cutter Block: plus/minus 32mm
  • Table Size: 800mm x 310mm
  • Table Working Height: 860mm
  • Main Cutter Heads*: 2 x 175 x 60mm
  • Extraction Outlets: 2 x 150mm (req.2800cmh)
  • Motor Rating: 3ph 4.0Kw (5.5HP) and 1ph 2.2Kw (3HP)
  • Cutter Block: Optional
  • Shaft Diameter: 30mm (end-tapped M12; 8mm keyway)
  • Effective Length of Shaft: 75mm
  • Vertical Movement: 95mm
  • Horizontal Movement: 30mm
  • Maximum Diamter of Tooling: 210mm
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 1220 x 920 x 1350mm
  • Nett Weight: TE: 300kg and TEsh: 350Kg