Sliding Table Panel Saws

'You buy cheap, you buy twice' and 'the first cut is the deepest' are perfect sayings for the Genisis range of sliding table panel saws. They are not the cheapest on the market as quality does not come cheap and we understand from that very first cut starts a sequence of events as to the quality of the final product. Since the introduction of the Genisis sliding table panel saw back in 2008, many of those first machines sold are still working and giving as accurate and clean cut as the day they were delivered.....

The sliding table panel saw is arguably the most important woodworking machine for any manufacturer producing kitchens, bedrooms, bespoke furniture or shopfitting. The accuracy and quality of cut is the starting point in the manufacturing process and will dictate not only the physical appearance but also every other part of the manufacturing process thereafter. A good quality panel saw should be reliable, have a rigid frame and be able to offer repetitive cutting accuracy which is both clean and free of chipping over the long term.

 The Genisis sliding table panelsaws have been heavily engineered and each component is designed for functionality especially the heavy-duty sliding table which runs on a solid, hardened and chromed steel guidance system with the easy glide large diameter ‘dumb bell’ rollers giving a low maintenance and accurate system especially resistant to dust.

The saw blades are sat in heavy-duty cast-iron tilt quadrants both at the front and at the rear to give utmost stability in use with all machines having an independent scorer which only starts once the main blade is running hence ensuring full power is given to the main blade, especially important when cutting solid wood or composite materials such as HPL, Trespa, Corian etc.

The Genisis panel saw range starts with the Genisis XC which is based on the full-size Genisis P32 panelsaw but with the sliding table cut down to 1900mm and the rip fence reduced to 1,000mm. The full-size sliding table panel saw range starts with the best-selling Genisis P32 which is a full-blown industrial machine having a 7.5Hp motor and powered raise and lower to the main blade as standard. The Genisis X series of machines are of very heavy construction and designed for running 8 + hours per day. The Genisis XM has manual adjustments, the Genisis X2 has all motorised adjustments to both the main blade and scorer and the Genisis X3 Plus has CNC control via an overhead colour touchscreen to all blade movements along with the 1500mm rip fence.

In short, the Genisis range of sliding table panel saws are a premium class product, manufactured to the highest standards and will compete against any of the leading brands but offer a significant price advantage.