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Wood Waste Recycling & Control

J&C O’Meara can provide wood recycling products & technology to suit your specific needs & control your wood waste. The products we have available include wood burners, briquetters and shredders. All our wood waste technology is of the highest quality and are guaranteed to fit your requirements.


Our wood burners allow for your waste to be burnt instead of sent to a landfill and acts as a heater so your building or factory will get warmth as well as a reduction in waste meaning they’re an ideal control method. They’re also great for being cost-effective as they reduce landfill costs and fuel bills. The WT Series can burn a variety of wood including hardwood, softwood, chipboards, plywood & MDF – these units have also been approved and certified suitable for use in clean air zones.


Our briquetting machines are perfect for wood waste control as they turn your wood into briquettes, which are a lot easier to manage than blocks of wood so they can be transported, recycled or sold easier. The briquetting machines we have available are the Traditional series, Vertical series and Nano series. Our top selling briquetter is the Traditional Briquetter E55 which is suitable for compacting various materials such as light and heavy saw dust, cork dust, bark, off-cuts of natural fibre and more. The Vertical series of briquetter is suited to being placed directly beneath a dust extraction unit due to its vertical design. The Nano series is suitable for those with low waste volume and limited working space and can also be placed beneath a dust extraction unit.


We also supply shredders, shredded wood chips can be easily transported for recycling and used in boilers to heat buildings. We also sell Refiners – these are suitable for waste larger than traditional sawdust or shavings, they can also be linked to a shredder which is ideal for feeding straight into a dust extraction unit or briquetter.   


With the growing concerns about the environment, it’s critical now for companies to utilise every bit of their wood by recycling. Millions of tonnes of timber waste are generated every year which could be put to use. Our wood waste technology ensures that every piece of wood generated has a purpose & is not being wasted. Wood waste control is not only eco-friendly - it also helps keep costs to a minimum as less wood must be bought


Need help with our wood waste technology? Simply contact the J&C O’Meara team and we’d be happy to assist you.