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Kundig Brilliant Wide Belt Sander

Kundig Brilliant Wide Belt Sander

The Brilliant series of wide belt sanding machines offer the latest technology in surface sanding and are eminently suitable for those looking to achieve the highest quality of finish.


By simply changing the relationship of the direction of the sanding belt to the travel of the workpiece, the whole sanding process is significantly altered. By simply offering a 'shear' cutting application of the sanding head causes an overlap of the grit structure of the sanding belt and eliminates the well known and inherent flaws of traditional sanding machines where any blemish on the abrasive is transmitted directly to the surface, showing as wavy snake-like lines, also known as oscillation marks. Having this overlap in grit structure also allows far more uniform sanding, leaving the surface flatter and free from fibres.


The Kundig Brilliant series of sanding machines are available as a single head through to multi head variants and can include cross belts for veneer tape removal or the new high gloss cross belt using abrasives up to 2000 + grit.

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