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Dalau chooses X3 Panel Saw

Established in 1989, Dalau are a family owned and run company based in Clacton On Sea, Essex that have built up an enviable reputation in the production of precision plastic machined parts and solid PTFE panels.

One of the key areas for improvement in terms of productivity and accuracy was for the accurate sizing of the PTFE panels produced by Dalau. Being of solid PTFE and up to 100mm in thickness, the criteria for selecting a machine had to be one of the utmost strength in the design and construction and also have a heavy duty reinforced yet easy to use sliding table. The need for improved accuracy would mean that the machine would have to have digital displays to the angle and height of the blade and also the rip fence

The Genisis X3 panel saw exceeded all these requirements having the all cast iron saw carriage mounted securely in large section tilt quadrants, wide apart bearings supporting the long saw shaft and multiple saw blade speed selection with easy access.

Having had a number of sample panels cut on a demonstration machine, an order for a new machine quickly followed.

The new panel saw enables Dalau to provide production cuts with very tight tolerances, squareness and high-quality edges.


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