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Edge Banding Machines

If you’re looking to order a high-quality edge banding machine, J&C O’Meara are here to help. We supply top quality edge bander machines so if you’re looking to upgrade from edging wood by hand or if you need a replacement for your old edgebander, we’re the ones to call.


Edge banding is a thin material used to seal the exposed edges of wood so it’s commonly the ‘end-process’ of woodworking jobs to make sure the finished product is tidy by dealing with the rough edges.


Edge banding is normally exceptionally difficult when trying to do it by hand. Our edge bander machines can make completing edge banding extremely efficient and fast.


Our top selling edge bander machine is the Genisis 512S-PCD, this particular machine has a revolutionary design which is why it’s among our most popular products.


We also stock a range of parts for the edge banding machines including a replacement scraper knife, cutter blocks, a replacement buffer & hot melt glue which you can view above.


J&C O’Meara can help you with finding the perfect edge banding machine, simply call one of our friendly team members on 01704 893 109.