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Genisis 2RTF

Genisis 2RTF

The Genisis 2RTF is a heavy duty machine designed for those looking for greater levels of productivity. The machine has 2 x corner rounders with a dual track speed capable of running at 14 m/min.


 These heavy duty, high specification machines share some of the same features found on the RTF machine including anti adhesive spray, pre milling, pre heating of the edge, a quick release gluepot, separate end trimming saws, flush trim, both profile and glue scrapers followed by solvent spray and buffing. These machines also have the nesting solution making them an ideal choice for those with a CNC.


Being a faster operating machine, a number of motors have also been upgraded including the pre milling motors and the top trimmer which always trims more of the excess tape away.


The machine also has a 10” colour touchscreen control and motorized lifting of the pressure beam.


CNC Option - There is also the option to have this machine with CNC control which will automatically set to the panel height and the working stations will set to the thickness of the tape.


A further option to 'future proof' your edge banding requirements is the preparation for a seperate EVA/PUR gluepot. 


Genisis 2RTF


Minimum working height


Maximum working height


Minimum length


Minimum width


Minimum thickness of edge


Maximum thickness of edge


Feed Speed

10 – 14 m/min

Anti  adhesive spray


First Pre milling Motor

2.2 Kw, 12,000 RPM

Second Pre Milling Motor

2.2 Kw, 12,000 RPM

Edge Pre Heating

Infra Red

Front and back trimming motor

2 x 0.37 Kw, 12,000 RPM

Top and Bottom trimming motor

1 x 0.75Kw to top 1 x 0.55 Kw, 12,000 RPM

Corner rounding unit

2 x 0.55 Kw, 12,000 RPM

Top and Bottom profile scrapers

Quick exclusion

Top and bottom glue scrapers

Quick exclusion

Top and bottom polishing spray


Top and bottom buffers

2 x 0.18 Kw, 2,800 RPM

Dust extraction outlets

1 x 120mm dia + 1 x 200mm dia

Compressed air requirement

6.5 Bar

Total Installed Power requirement

14 Kw

Overall dimensions L x B x H

5050 x 1440 x 1730mm


1700 Kg

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