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Carbon Trust

Following a meeting with The Carbon Trust, we have been given all the information with criteria required for us to be able to organise interest free loans for machines used to reduce the usage of 'dirty' fuels including, electric, gas, kerosene, oil etc.

If you can provide some basic information regarding your current usage along with the projected reduction should you have the proposed equipment to reduce your existing energy consumption, using the Carbon Trust Loan calculator, we can calculate your maximum interest free loan potential and this of course should always be at a lower value by reducing your existing energy costs in relation to the cost of the proposed equipment required.Of course as a manufacturer if you are looking at recycling your waste, there will also be the additional benefit in the reduced costs involved if you are also having your waste taken away to landfill.

Machines which fall into this energy saving category include briquetters and wood burners and if you would like further information regarding qualification criteria etc, simply send us an e-mail and we will send you the relevant information by return.


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