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Stuart Shopfitting Invest With Kundig and Genisis

From the outset, the ethos of Stuart Shopfitting has to be to work in partnership with the client,which in itself has proved to be a rewarding experience for both parties and both enjoying a long term working relationship.

Being members of the National Association of Shopfitters and also CITB registered,Stuart's operate from a generous 12,000 sq ft manufacturing facility based in Morley,Leeds which also houses a technological suite which offers CNC, CAS, 3D modelling, computerised model rendering and design facilites.

Upon looking at ways to improve performance within the manufacturing facility,it was established that there were 2 main areas which needed addressing, these being on surface finish and also improved cutting capabilities.

Upon a visit to our works,machines which were on display and demonstrated were the Kundig Premium-2 1350 RE wide belt sanding machine which was shown calibrating solid wood frames,sanding solid wood components and then sanding veneered boards.The ease of use and the simplicity of the different sanding operations make Kundig possibly the most user friendly sanding machine available.

The configuration of the machine was having a 1st dedicated calibrating roller which automatically lifts out of the way if not in use and a second electronic segmental sanding head for finishing and also having the ability to sand veneers without bursting through the corners or sides.</p>\n<p>The user friendly touch screen shows all information at a glance including which heads have been selected,the finished size of the workpiece, the amount of stock removal and the feed speed. To cater for all operator preference, these values can be adjusted either on the touchscreen or manually from the ergonomically placed control panel.

Also demonstrated and put through it's paces was the Genisis X3 Plus sliding table panel saw. As has been said by almost everyone that has seen the machine'We are surprised by the quality and how smooth the sliding table feels'.This of course being down to the shear strength of the machine with the sliding table being of multi chamber construction and running on round hardened steel and chromed runners.

The machine was demonstrated showing all 3 motorised axial movements, namely the raise,lower and tilt of the sawblades and also the movement of the 1500mm rip fence all easily adjusted by the colour touch screen mounted in the overhead control panel where the motorised adjustment to the scoring saw can also be made.

The touch screen was shown how easy it is to use and how up to 300 programs can be saved and recalled,along with simplistic re calibration when using different diameter sawblades with a different kerf to ensure the accuracy of the machine. Of particular interest on the machine was the ability to work to either the top or bottom dimension of the panel to be cut when using the blade tilted.


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