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Briquetting in Southport

Southport based Dave Chong joinery specialise in the production of bespoke joinery and furniture

Having been established over 50 Years, the company have possibly one of the town's most comprehensively equipped workshops that includes 5 spindle moulders, 3 tenoners and a rack of over 30 routers each equipped for a specific task and ready to be used at will.

Dave Chong "We are often approached to manufacture one off or non standard items of joinery and furniture and have a solid reputation for being able to produce what other joinery companies cannot"

The latest addition to the workshop is a new Genisis E55 briquetting machine which converts the saw dust and shavings in the workshop to a usable energy source.

The machine is of space saving and compact design and produces a 55mm diameter briquette that can process up to 60 Kg/hour, depending on the waste being used. The large cylindrical hopper ensures full agitation of the load and is equipped with a vision panel so the progress can be viewed at a glance. The hopper is also fitted with a load level sensor, so the machine can be used on an automatic cycle.

The machine produces the briquettes under a higher than normal hydraulic pressure ensuring the briquettes are tightly formed and can be handled, bagged and transported without crumbling.

By converting this waste, the company now has a usable energy source with the added benefits of less landfill costs and a far tidier environment not having to store sacks of shavings along with the possibility of additional revenue created by this sale-able process.


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