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Genisis 512S Edge Banding Machines: our best selling Edge Bander ever!

The secret to the success of the Genisis 512S? Take a traditional edge banding machine and allow the top and bottom trimmer heads to roll over the edge of the panel to corner round and trim the ends. That's it, simple!

What does this do? Compared to traditional style machines this saves around 1 metre of machine length and 2 additional motors for the corner rounding (and about £7,000) and another 2 motors and about 1/2 metre of machine length (about another £4,000).

The result? A very simple, easy to use machine which is compact yet has a very high specification and priced to upset the 'competition'.

We have now delivered and commissioned machines across the UK including Northern Ireland and we always keep a machine in stock for demonstration purposes, so why not come and see what this machine can do for you and benefit from big savings especially whilst it is available at a reduced price as part of our 25th year anniversary celebrations.


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