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New 6 belt sanding machine installed in Lancashire

Established in 1992, Friendship Mill beds are specialist producers in bespoke sold wood beds, with frames ranging from the standard 2ft 6\" single through to beds of 6ft width.

Common to all sizes are that every component must be sanded prior to assembly and going through the robotic spray line.

Previously the company had a traditional style sanding machine with 3 sanding heads, meaning a pallet load of components we sanded on one face, stacked, moved back to the front of the machine, sand 2nd face, stacked, moved to the front of the machine and so on.....The new Kundig machine sands top and bottom in one pass, stacked and then sides 3 and 4 are sanded in a second pass saving a vast amount of time not just in sanding but also the handling of the components.

The machine delivered to Friendship Mill beds was a Kundig Technic Botop 650 RRR-RRR, which has a 650mm working width and has 3 sanding rollers to the top and 3 sanding rollers to the bottom. The machine was specially constructed to allow the successful feeding and sanding of short components down to 250mm and equipped with a vacuum bed to both the top and bottom sanding units. Complete with touch screen interface, the machine is easy to use with the selection of the sanding heads to be used via this controller along with the general setting of the machine.

Edward Ireland of Friendship Mill Beds, when asked why he chose Kundig, said "We just felt they offered a very good product: not necessarily the cheapest but well engineered and with a UK agent reasonably local to us. It offered the best all round for us as a company to buy a sander from Kundig" and asked if he would recommend Kundig to other manufactuers "Yes, we would."


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