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Does Recycling Really Work?

Ok, we all know the so called benefits of recycling and the salesmen telling you what you should do.....but how many of those sales outlets have actually put their own hands in their pockets and can show you the benefits of recycling...?

True to form, we have now made our gas space heaters redundant in favour of recycling our own wood waste. How does this work as we are not a manufacturer...?? Easy....we were spending £3600 per quarter in gas to literally just take the edge off the bitterness here in the works, this equates to £32,400 per year. On top of that due to the amount of wood waste coming through with many machines being crated in softwood or MDF cases, we were also paying £3200 per quarter to have the scrap wood taken away, this being a yearly spend of £33,200.

The solution...?? We have now installed a wood burner which we use to dispose of the wood waste reducing the £3800 per annum removal fees to zero, we no longer use the gas heaters saving us in total £33,200 per us a payback of less than 2 years (taking into consideration the tax benefits)....we also have a clear forecourt which used to be full of rotting timber and instead of carrying all the wood waste outside, it simply gets thrown into the woodburner when we are unpacking the, all a we get to demonstrate a full recycling facility...shredding to briquetting to burning....and feel the warmth that is generated from the burner (it's far warmer in here than when we used the gas heaters), if we can make the above savings as a machinery supplier....just imagine the benefits you will have as a manufacturer...


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