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Genisis Wallsaw joins a Genisis Edge Bander in Liverpool

Just 6 months after investing in a brand new Genisis 512S edge banding machine, a Merseyside manufacturer of fishtanks and aquariums has now invested in a new Genisis vertical panel saw.

The new Genisis 512S edge banding machine was delivered in October 2015 and now allows the application of a 2mm thick ABS edge, giving a nicely chamfered finish on the ends when only edging a single side or giving a full corner round when edging all round. The machine being equipped with pre milling and pre heating of the edge prior to meeting the glue roller allows the full finishing of PVC/ABS edging being also equipped with scrapers, solvent cleaning and edge polishing.

Having appreciated the benefit of the Genisis edge bander and been undoubtedly impressed with the quality of finish, the next item to be deemed necessary in their busy workshop was a vertical panel cutting machine making the most of the current space available by allowing 'jumbo' sheets to be accurately sized vertically and once placed on the machine, cut a single operator.

The Genisis wallsaw has a generous cutting capacity of 3100 x 2100mm along with a generous specification including digital displays to both vertical and horizontal cutting, a moving back frame to protect the backing supports, a scoring saw, a mid rail support and a powerful 3 Kw (4Hp) motor.

The machine was delivered by crane vehicle and commissioned by our engineers.


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