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J & C O'Meara | Woodworking Machinery | UK

Briquetters, Briquetters,Briquetters!

We are one of the few companies that have been selling briquetting machines for over 8 years now and have delivered machines into all walks of industry and for processing various materials including MDF dust, hardwood and soft wood dust and shavings, cardboard, leather dust, paper etc etc.

In our range of machines we have over 15 models to choose from, from the compact Nano machines to the traditional gravity fed machines to the Vertical series which have an auger feed that automatically compensates for the waste being fed into the compaction chamber to maintain a consistent size of briquette to be produced.

*All the machines are of premium quality and made in Italy and are complete with a colour Siemens touchscreen control and a load sensor as standard to allow the machine to work in an automatic cycle.


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