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New Genisis Sliding table panel saws arrive into stock..

Did you know that the Genisis range of sliding table panelsaws was premiered in the UK in 2007 and that many of those customers who were the first to purchase have still got those very same machines. This being a testament to the strength, reliability and long term accuracy these machines have given in over 10 years of service. So, if you are asking yourself if you should own a Genisis sliding table panel saw....maybe the real question is....why shouldn't you...?

A few interesting facts about the Genisis sliding table panel saws;

  • All machines use the same sliding tables including the Genisis XC compact machine which simply has the table cut down to give a 1900mm stroke.

  • All machines use the same heavy duty cross cut fence with heavy duty flip stops...even the XC....just a shorter version.

  • Every sliding table has a 10 year guarrantee for longevity and accuracy for the hardened and chromed guidance system.

  • These machines have been closely compared to a certain German brand....but realistically priced

  • Over 150 machines have been installed throughout the UK.

  • The most interesting Lebanon....supplied to the United Nations to be used as part of the rebuilding and restructuring process.

  • These machines have proved especially popular amongst bespoke furniture makers who demand higher levels of accuracy and the power to cut solid wood.


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