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More Briquetters, and Baby Briquetter, ah bless!

With the increased awareness of how decomposing waste can destroy the environment which is directly linked to the increased cost of waste removal to landfill,many companies have looked at ways in which they can reduce their outgoings and in some cases even generate an additional income.

Companies looking for a briquetter face a minefield of what are now starting to be a standard machine to be found in many joinery and furniture producing workshops. Quite often there is misleading advice given as to the suitability of machines along with exaggerated performance figures. There is also a number of less scrupulous suppliers offering low price and low quality machines and for those who have been tempted by the not to be beaten on price machines have often found themselves out of pocket (the last 2 machines were supplied to such companies who had similar tales to tell).

Fortunately, we are able to offer a complete range of machines which are now firmly established in the UK with reference points and installations around the UK. The most popular briquetting machine has always been the model E55 which can convert up to 60 KG of waste per hour (this figure being material dependent) but recently there have been a number of orders for the Vertical series of machines including the E60 Super.

This machine has been supplied without the hopper as this will be constructed in conjunction with a dust extraction company and be sited directly below the dust unit being supplied. The machine is of heavy duty construction and can process up to 100 Kg of waste per hour including the briquetting of MDF. As the machine is to be sited external to the main production facility it has been fitted with the control panel on an umbilical cord so the machine can be started the same time as the dust unit. This machine also has a registration device that automatically compensates the amount of waste being fed in to the compression chamber to maintain the correct briquette size whether the material being extracted is dust or shavings.

Also just arrived is the new Baby Briquetter the Nano E55 which has been specially constructed to a smaller foot print for those who are tight on space. Despite its compact size, this machine is still a robust and productive machine with the ability to convert up to 60 kg of waste per hour!

Recent installations include a vertical machine to Bath, and traditional E55 machines to Ellesmere Port and Cornwall.


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