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Genisis sliding table panel saws popular amongst furniture makers and industrial users alike...

A number of companies have recently invested in the Genisis sliding table panel saws. Whether it be the Genisis P32 or the Genisis X3 Plus, all machines are built to the highest quality and will surpass many of the more expensive alternatives in terms of user friendliness, reliability and accuracy.

All machines use the heavy duty, reinforced multi chamber sliding table running on solid, hardened and chromed steel runners with large diameter 'dumb bell' rollers ensuring an easy gliding action unaffected by working in a dusty environment. This is by far the preferred system over the small diameter ball bearings used by other manufacturers where the sliding table needs continual maintenance to keep it running freely.

Along with the heavy duty sliding table, the Genisis machines share the same heavy duty cross cut fence with 2 x heavy duty flip stops, the action of which uses self lubricating bushes, so the movement always stays accurate. Mounted in the fence are flat, easy to read scales with high quality magninfiers. A recent test showed an operator could set these to within 0.1/0.2mm (this was tested using the optional digital cross cut fence).

All machines have a 7.5Hp main motor, a self supporting overhead safety guard to allow a 400mmm diameter blade to be used for deep cutting and also offering a greater dust extraction than riving knife mounted guards.

The Genisis P32 - our most popular selling panel saw with installations thoughout the UK. This machine was delivered and commissioned to a company in West Yorkshire.

Genisis XM - for those looking for high quality, accurate, easy to use heavy duty machine. This machine was delivered and commissioned to a company based in Birkenhead, Wirral. This machine also has the advantage of additional start/stop mounted on the sliding table.

Genisis X2 - Similar to the Genisis XM but having the advantage of powered raise, lower and tilt to the main blade and powered raise lower and lateral adjustment to the scorer for ease of setting. This machine also has the advantage of the additional start and stop mounted on the sliding table along with the control panel being mounted at eye level for ease of use. This machine was delivered to a furniture maker based in Accrington, Lancashire.

Genisis X3 Plus - For those looking for a 'top end' sliding table panelsaw, the Genisis X3 Plus offers it all. The machine has a colour touchscreen mounted at eye level which allows movement to the saw blade height, the tilt of the blades, the positioning of the 1500mm rip fence and not only stores cutting lists but can also calculate either the top or bottom dimension when tilting the blades. This machine was delivered to a 24 hour production facility in Liverpool, Merseyside.


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