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AES Sirius CNC drilling machine delivered and commissioned in Gloucester.

Taylor Made By Stanton are a high class bespoke interior design and furniture manufacturer who take great pride from giving an unrivalled, dedicated and professional service to offering a fully project managed installation with every detail revolving around each individual customer's requirement.

As any furniture manufacture knows, it is a fast and easy process to cut and edge band a board, but when it comes to assembly, this is where the production slows down.

Many companies currently manually mark out, centre pop and then manually drill holes making this a time consuming and somewhat tedious process. Of course issues over accuracy and how 'straight' holes are drilled are also problems faced when shelves and the carcass itself needs adjustments and levelling.

This is where the AES Sirius excels, it has an easy to program macro for all face and end drills, so even for a bespoke 'one off' the machine is both fast and accurate making it just as valuable in either a bespoke or a high production environment.

The machine is equipped with 10 independent vertical drills, end boring to all 4 sides and a grooving saw in the X direction. The AES Sirius 950M is also equipped with a router head to allow pocketing, engraving, cut outs or just wide grooving for solid backs. The machine is equipped with Alphacam Essential 2D CAD/CAM software. This can of course be upgraded to Alphacam Standard or Advanced making the machine a flexible solution and allowing the possibility for future growth.

The high speed machine can run at up to 70 m/min in the X and Y axis and each drill is independently controlled to allow optimum efficiency depending upon the diameter of drill and material being processed.

The AES Sirius is the smallest machine produced by the AES Group and uses the 'know how' of their large scale CNC production resulting in this heavy duty, fast and efficient CNC drilling machine with routing capabilities.


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