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AES Alpha PS 04

AES Alpha PS 04



The AES ALPHA is a panel processing beamsaw that has been designed to make panel processing applications in the most efficient way.


With a strong machine structure additional options and the Alpha provides optimum usage within the shortest time and in the most efficient way. The machine ensures the best results in panel cutting with the highest precision.



Machine body is made completely by electro welded steel, this structure provides excellent stability in heavy duty production environments.

Machine mechanical structure is constructed to ensure the highest level of precision and every part passing accuracy tests using high technology laser control device.



The saw carriage with its normalized rigid steel structure, supports and guides the main saw and the scoring saw blade with extreme accuracy. The saw carriage is driven by brushless servomotor with digital technology for an accurate positioning (transmission by rack and pinion) can be used,

always under direct monitoring of the numeric control.



With its ergonomic structure, the control panel provides easy usage for the operator during cutting operations. From the panel all of functions can be run on the machines. The easily accessible, user friendly HMI provides operator easy usage.


Heavy duty high speed beamsaw available with 3200, 3800 or 4200mm cutting lengths

  • Blade Projection 90mm
  • Main Motor 15 Kw
  • Pusher Speed 80m/min
  • Saw Carriage Speed 90 m/min
  • Main Blade Diameter 380mm
  • Scorer Blade Diameter 200mm 
  • 8 x panel clamps
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