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AES Beta PS04

AES Beta PS04

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The AES Beta beamsaw is the ideal solution for those looking to increase production and step up from traditional style sliding table panel saws. This industrial quality machine is designed for efficiency and performance having pusher speeds of 80 m/min and cutting speeds up to 70 m/min.


The machine frame is manufactured from heavy section electro welded steel giving the mechanical stability to ensure the highest level precision and durability.


The heavy duty saw carriage is sat in rigid steel supports and is driven by brushless servo motor with digital technology via rack and pinion.


Beta Model PS 04 3300 PS 04 3900 PS 04 4300
Cutting Capacity 3300 x 3300mm 3900 x 3900 mm 4300 x 4300 mm
Blade Projection 90mm 90mm 90mm
Cutting Depth 75mm 75mm 75mm
Pusher Speed 80 m/min 80 m/min 80 m/min
Saw Carriage Speed 70 m/min 70 m/min 70 m/min
Blade Diameters 380mm+ 200mm 380mm+ 200mm 380mm+ 200mm
No of Grippers 8 8 8
Air Floating Tables 3 3 4
Motors 11Kw + 1.5 Kw 11Kw + 1.5 Kw 11Kw + 1.5 Kw


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