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AES SAF 2000

AES SAF 2000



The AES SAF 2000 is a multi filter dust extractor giving a high flow rate making it a cost effective and efficient solution. 


  • Multi Filter for greater efficiency by offering a greater filtration area.
  • Mobile dust collector with flow capacity of 2000 m3 per hour.
  • Body sheet thickness is 1.2 mm. The propeller and blades are at least 3 mm according to the fan size. The propeller is dynamically and statically balanced.
  • Painted with two colors electrostatic powder paint.
  • In IP55 standards, IE3 high efficiency motor is used. 
  • N.B. Unit is 415v 3 phase.
Product Code S-2000-T
Capacity 2000 m3/h
Motor Power 1,5 kw 2 hp 3000 RPM
Vacuum Velecity 28 m/sec
Filter Quantity 4 Pcs
Filter Sizes Q180 x 1000 mm
Filtration Area 2.26 m2
Waste Storage 1 Pc Q500 mm
Vacuum inlet Diameter 1 x 60mm + 1 x 120mm
Motor Drive Type Direct Drive
Unit Sizes 563*1063*2100 mm
Unit Weight 67 kg 


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