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AES Vega Ultra 1332- Door Spec

AES Vega Ultra 1332- Door Spec

The AES Vega series of machines are a high speed, highly productive pod and rail style machine especially suited for those producing modular furniture or processing door blanks. The generously equipped machine is available with different bed sizes and can work as either a single or multi zone machine for enhanced productivity.

Operating on Alphacam, the machine benefits from the possibility to upgrade to further software packages and comes with 2D Essential as standard.


    The machine due into stock has the following;

    • Linear Tool changer with 14 positions
    • Automatic tool offset
    • Horizontal router motor - double sided for mortising lock and recessing hinge.
    • Becker Vacuum pump 
    • Aggregate head for machining head of door for concealed closer
    • OSAI Windows based PC 
    • Alphacam Standard 3D software
    • Infra red safety light beams to the front
    • Full safety guards around 3 sides