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Maggi Cross Cut Saw Wood Working Machinery 700S

Maggi Best 700S

Self breaking motor with overload protection, complete with blade guard, arm and base made of cast iron with 8 carriage bearings.


  • Blade Diameter: 565mm
  • Blade Bore Diameter: 30mm
  • Shaft dimension: 30x80mm
  • Three phase motor: 7.5(5.5) HP(kw)
  • Motor Speed: 2800rpm
  • Dust chute diameter on blade guard: 60mm
  • Rear dust chute diameter: 100mm
  • Table dimensions: 1125x1700mm
  • Maximum cut width: 20x570mm
  • Width and Height of cut: 200x400mm
  • Maximum cut depth: 200mm
  • Max. Height of blade from table: 20mm
  • Max. cutting height at 45 degrees: 135mm
  • Max. cutting height arm at 45 degrees (on right side): 20x400mm > 200x270mm
  • Max. cutting height at 45 degrees (on left side): 20x210mm > 200x80mm
  • Net Weight: 270Kg
  • Gross Weight: 330Kg
  • Overall Dimensions: 1500x1000x1000mm