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Kundig Master

Kundig Master

When it comes to sanding, the Kundig Master gets to the point.  It contains the essence of Kundig's 75 years of experience in sanding technology.  This means that it combines, "out of the box", all the properties that are essential for the fast, reliable production of perfect surfaces.  No more, no less.  This core model has a generous working width of 1350mm and is equipped with a calibration roller as well as a fine sanding pad unit and features the proven, robust construction that guarantees decades of high sanding precision.  The quick and easy controls make for a great user experience. 

The Features - To the point

Construction: The Master is in no way inferior to the other model series in terms of robustness and durability. It has the same solid construction, which makes all the machines investments with foresight that still reliably deliver precise sanding results even after many years of use.

Head Movement / Constant Pass Line: For a good three decades Kundig have been equipping their machines exclusively with moving top sections. Why? Compared to classic table adjustment, it is more complex in design, but also better in many respects. The machine can be loaded with higher workpiece weights, it maintains its precision more reliably and you have the advantages of a constant working height.

Workpiece dimensions: The adjustment of the upper part, i.e. the passage opening, is motorized, finely adjustable via touch screen. The maximum passage height is at least 160mm. With a working width of 1350 mm, the Kundig Master has a generous and well proven standard dimension.

Eco energy saving mode: The Kundig Master is equipped with Kundig's specially developed Eco* energy saving mode. This software regulates the power consumption depending on load. As soon as work breaks occur, the machine automatically switches to standby mode. It is then immediately ready for use again. This results in significant savings, without compromising performance.