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Kundig Perfect

Kundig Perfect

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If it is perfection you are looking for....look no further than the Kundig Perfect.


 Behind the modern design lies a multitude of innovations in sanding technology, which in combination exceed even the highest demands in terms of surface quality. The control unit, which has been developed from scratch, makes sanding even easier and more intuitive. All our models are suitable for integration into any relevant control system and are therefore fully capable of industry 4.0. Of course, the Perfect is completely modular and can be equipped with a large selection of sanding units and options.



  • High-speed technology for extremely fast feed speeds
  • Very large selection of options and customisation possibilities
  • The most advanced control unit for sanding machines
  • Possibility of belt/work piece cleaning without the use of compressed air
  • Automatic pressure control for segmented pad
  • Electronic grain adjustment and stock removal distribution between contact rollers
  • Pattern/vintage sanding (with cross belt)
  • and many more


Easy Operation

For decades designing sanding machines as operator friendly as possible has been a core concern of Kundig so that they can be used comfortably by almost anyone, regardless of experience.

Manual operation: Our sanding machines may be fully manually operated using just 3 convenient control elements.

Comfort operation: Thanks to the Enormatic function, Kundig sanders can be easily, reliably and very comfortably operated. Workpiece thickness measuring and starting of the sanding process is automatically executed.

Touch operation: All settings, for example the choice of sanding units, feed and sanding belt speed, etc. can be selected on the simply designed touchscreen and saved as programmes for future use.


 Control System Features

  • 10 - 19“ screens available
  • Operating unit can be pivoted from 0° to 90°
  • 1-click quick start
  • Logical, clear, time-saving
  • Remote access via network or cloud
  • Recording of production data, for example: m²/ft² measurement, workpiece counter and job times
  • USB port for data backup
  • USB port for devices (see below)
  • Automatic error diagnosis with guided trouble-shooting / error correction
  • Integrated PDF documentation
  • (wiring diagram, instructions, sanding advice)
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