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J & C O'Meara | Woodworking Machinery | UK


Heavy duty shredding machine suitable for off cuts and general wood waste. The machines are equipped with Flexible Tubes, Joints, Solenoid valves and PARKER Hydraulic Block, high performance Cast Iron Pumps of considerable durability, OMT Hydraulic Components, SIEMENS and NERI MOTORI engines, SITI Gear motors, an Electrical Panel with IP 66 protection class, Control PLC and SIEMENS Display, SIEMENS Electrical Components, Inverter.


Motor 18.5 kW IE3 (High Efficiency);
Hydraulic power 2.2 kW;
Total installed power 22.9 kW.

Dimensions: H 1.850 mm x 2.200 mm x 1.400 mm. Kg 2.080.
Inlet: 1.200 mm x 1.000 mm;
Rotor: Ø 240 mm x 700 mm;
Working width: 700 mm.
27 Knives (Central) + 4 Knives (Lateral);
30 mm x 30 mm knives with hollow surfaces, fixed with conical screws for greater security;
1 Screen supplied with holes (at your choice) from Ø 12mm to Ø 25 mm.
Equipped with horizontal screw for material expulsion.
Equipped with ABB Inverter for managing working movements.
Voltage 400V – 50 Hz. (Different voltages available on request);
Noise level 90 dB (A) – depending on type of material.
Standard Painting: RAL 9010 and RAL 9006.
Use and Maintenance Manual;

• A 2000 mm.
• B 1250 mm.
• C 1850 mm.
• D x E 1100 x 700 mm.
• Weight Kg 1500.


• Rotor 240 x 700 mm.
• Motor Kw 15 IE-2 (High Efficiency).
• Hydraulic Power Kw 0,75.
• Installed Power Kw 15,75.
• Blade Numbers 23.
• Outputs Kg/h 150/350.
• Outlet dimensions according to grid dimensions, from Ø10 mm to Ø25 mm.
• Cutting blades : 30x30 concave face.
• Note Level 70 - 80 db(A) - depending on material type.

• Voltage 400V - 50 Hz.



Output rate depends on the materials to be processed and to the grid.

N.B.: The values indicated are purely indicative and may very depending on the kind of material.

The constructor reserves the right to make changes at any moment.

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