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The traditional style Sedgwick 12 x 9 planer thicknesser not only has fixed planer tables but is now also complete with a TERSA cutterblock too.



The Sedgwick MB308 planer thicknesser is designed and built for precision, long life and minimum maintenance. Its rigid mainframe assembly gives exceptional stability, and accurately houses the feed and cutterblock bearings, and the infeed and thicknessing tables.


The Cutterblock

A large diameter four knife TERSA cutterblock provides improved finish, and runs in ‘sealed for life’ bearings for minimum maintenance.

Driving the cutterblock is an industrial motor via two heavy section vee belts which, combined with the centrifugal force of the large diameter block, provides ample power.


Surface Planing

The cast infeed table (which on the MB/CP planer has increased length for accurate surfacing) rises and falls in square gibs for long term accuracy, and is fitted with a rule showing depth of cut. A generously proportioned cast iron fence is then mounted off the table on a cast iron bracket. The fence can be tilted between 90º – 45º making it suitable for bevel work and chamfering, and is easily returned to 90º via a positive stop. Adjustable shaw guards are also supplied.



For long term accuracy, and to avoid time consuming mode changes, the surfacing tables remain in place when thicknessing, utilising instead a dual function chip collection hood.

The thicknessing table is again cast iron and is mounted on a large diameter precision ground pillar to ensure precise and parallel positioning, with an off-centre lock for added rigidity. The MB/CPs thicknessing table is fitted with extension rollers, which run in self-lubricating bushes. Large diameter steel feed rollers (one spiral-fluted the other rubber coated) are driven by an industrial geared unit, which on three phase machines has two speeds. The feed rollers run in self-lubricating bushes and are driven from the geared unit by a heavy duty chain for efficient and constant feeding of demanding production work and difficult stock.


Safety Features

The drive assembly is totally enclosed by the rear machine guard, removal of which provides easy access to the motor drive assembly for any necessary maintenance. The cutterblock is guarded at the rear by a fixed guard attached to the fence, and at the front by a bridge type guard.

Model: MB

  • Surface Capacity: 308mm
  • Thicknessing Width: 308mm
  • Thicknessing Depth: 230mm
  • Rebate Depth: 16mm
  • Surface Table Length: 1500mm
  • Infeed Table Length: 850mm
  • Surface Table Height: 885mm
  • Surface Table Height: 600mm
  • Thicknessing Table Length over Extension Rollers: 1000mm
  • Cutterblock Diameter: 102mm
  • Cutterblock Knives: 4
  • Feed Roller Diameter: 51mm
  • Feed Speeds: 3 Phase - 4.5 and 7 m/min and 1 Phase - 6 m/min
  • Fence Size: 750 x 120mm
  • Cutter Block Motor: 3 Phase-3.0Kw and 1 Phase-2.2Kw
  • Separate Feed Motor: 0.375Kw
  • Weight: 390Kg
  • Dust Extraction Outlet Diameter: 125mm
  • Total Air Volume Required: 1125 cmh
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 1700x950x1265
  • Gross Weight: 500Kg
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