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dust filter bags

New Dust Filter Bags

Did you know that one of the most common mistakes in a manufacturing workshop is neglect of the dust filters?


A dust extractor is basically a fan that moves volumes of air, taking any dust and shavings with it as it is pulled through the ductwork. Upon reaching the dust extraction unit, the only way for this volume of air to escape is through the dust filters. Over the course of time, these filters become blocked by tiny particles of dust which then reduce the possibility of air to escape which then causes the dust unit to become pressurised. When this happens the fan has to work harder which draws more electrical current (costing more money) trying to push the volume of air through an area which is blocked, therefore causing a back pressure and reducing the airflow and efficiency of the dust unit. This resultis in less collection of dust and more emmissions back into the working environment.


Consequently, in many cases if the filtration area were to be increased, this often results in far more efficient results from the dust unit as the volume of air has a greater area to escape allowing a larger airflow through the machine.


This is why it is important to maintain the filters on a dust extraction unit.

We can supply new filtration bags for any make of dust extractor, whether it be a single bag unit or a complete system.


 Simply e-mail us with details of what you require, i.e. The make and model of machine,  diameter of the drum the bag is fitted to (or alternatively if the bag were laid on the floor, the 'layflat size') x length of the bag and whether it needs a 'hoop' fitting to the top if it is held up by a metal rod.


We can supply filtration bags for all different types of industry.

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