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Polyboard Parametric Cabinet Design

Polyboard Parametric Cabinet Design

Whether you already have a CNC, use a Beamsaw or have sliding table panel saw a CAD package such as Polyboard can help streamline your production by reducing time from design to production whilst also giving an optimised yield from your material to reduce waste.


Polyboard is a manufacturing software that allows you the flexibility to design your cabinet the way you want to design it. The software is designed so it can be quickly and easily used to construct either a single cabinet or a complete kitchen which can then be optimised and converted into a cutting list.


There are 3 key steps to the process;


1) Design - Polyboard is a parametric design program which allows you to increase or decrease the dimensions of the cabinet whilst keeping features, such as fixing methods the same. For example, you could have a Master catalogue of standard cabinets which can be used to construct a kitchen, but if any of these cabinets needs to be adjusted in depth, width or height this is simply done by inserting the new dimensions without the need to redraw a complete cabinet. 

Polyboard also allows you to choose the fixing methodology, for example cam and dowel, face fixing or just pilot for screw fixing etc. 


2) Optimise - Once you have completed your design, you can then allow Polyboard to automatically break down your design into individual components to generate a cutting list either for a beamsaw/sliding table panel saw or to be nested on a CNC machine.


3) Production - Typically if nesting on one of the AES CNC machines, this will be imported stright into Alphacam which will then automatically create an optimised cutting pattern to minimise the waste. Using the additional features within Alphacam Automation Manager also streamlines the processing of the parts.

Depending upon your machine and the fixing methodology, for example if end boring is required, this can be easily worked by selecting the features to be machined, for example all cutting on the AES nesting machine and drilling on a AES Sirius or AES Go 1300 CNC drilling machine.


If you are a manufacturer of Kitchen or Bedroom Furniture, Polyboard is an excellent manufacturing software which can be a huge advantage for producing cabinets. However, when integrated with an AES CNC machine using Alphacam, not only does this streamline the manufacturing process but also gives the additional CAD/CAM facility to produce anything outside the realms of cabinetry such as curved shelves, fretted bedroom doors, cut outs and drainer grooves in work tops, personalised engraving etc.

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