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Kundig Premium Wide Belt Sander

Kundig Premium Wide Belt Sander

Established in 1945, Kundig are designers, innovators and specialist manufacturers of both wide belt and edge sanding machinery.


The company's headquarters based in Wetzikon, Switzerland is where all special purpose machines are designed and built along with all the 1350mm wide machines and a second manufacturing plant in Gotha, Germany is where all the edge sanders, 1100 and 1600mm wide machines are built.


 The Premium model series of wide belt sanders uses customary, well-proven parallel sanding technology and delivers great results from solid timber sanding up to lacquer sanding applications, provided the requirements don't include high gloss.  


The construction of the Premium series of wide belt sanders has been refined for decades and provides great sanding performances even after many years in service under harsh conditions.  The moving upper section of the machine allows for a fixed working height.  The machine can bear processing workpieces of up to 1000kg (2000lb) without any modifications.  Versions with inlet height of up to 500mm (20 inch) are available.  


All operations and adjustments are easily attainable - depending on preferences, Kundig Machines can be operated fully automatically, with custom automated sanding programmes, or manually, by adjusting all relevant parameters on the go.  The user interface is very intuitive and motives each user to explore advanced options and features and therefor using these precision sanders to their full potential without hesitation.  Built in safety measures eliminate the risk of major accidental operating errors.  Kundig sanders are well known and appreciated for their easy handling.  


Options Include:

  • Infeed/Outfeed extension tables
  • Increased motor sizes
  • Belt cleaning devices
  • Vacuum bed
  • Lacquer sanding options


  • Working Width: 650/1100/1350 and 1600mm
  • Height: 3 - 200mm

Head Configuration:

  • R = contact/calibrating roller
  • P = inflating pad
  • E = electrical segmental pad (veneer & laquer)
  • C = combi unit (roller & segmental)
  • K = combi unit (roller & standard air pad)
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