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The SAF STK 5000 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a strong yet compact fully featured dust unit and would be typically well suited when connected to a CNC nesting machine. The machine is of multi filter design giving a large filtration area and coupled with the steel enclosure helps contain any emissions of dust compared to open filter dust units.


 The machines also have an auto shaker to help clean the filters along with metal dust bins which help contain the dust especially during bag changing.


The filter box is a necessity for CNC nesting machines where small pieces could be extracted and would ordinarily hit the impellor. The filter box has a gauze having 25mm square mesh design which collects any larger pieces, therefore protecting the fan from damage.


  • Mobile dust collector with flow capacity of 5000 m3 per hour.
  • Body sheet thickness is 1.2 mm. The propeller and blades are at least 3 mm according to the fan size. The propeller is dynamically and statically balanced.
  • Painted with two colors electrostatic powder paint.
  • In IP55 standards, IE3 high efficiency motor is used. There is a part separator that protects the propeller against balancing and reduces the risk of fire.
  •       We are different;

          We put an end to propeller breakages with the part separator feature.

  • The part separator prevents parts larger than 25x25mm from entering the propeller. This protects the propeller against balancing and ensures it to last longer.
  • Preventing parts of 25x25mm and above from entering the propeller reduces the risk of fire.
  • Metal propeller is used in all product groups.
  • All products are produced in CE standards.
  • All products are design registered.
  • Utility model registration of the part holder has been made. And it is a product unique only to our company.
  • N.B. Unit is 415v 3 phase.
Product Code STK-5000
Capacity 5000 m3/h
Motor Power 5,5 kw 7,5 hp 3000 RPM
Vacuum Velecity 32 m/sec
Filter Quantity 32 Pcs
Filter Sizes Q160 x 940 mm
Filtration Area 15.11 m2
Waste Storage 2 Pcs Metal Container
Vacuum Diameter Q280 mm
Motor Drive Type Direct Drive
Unit Sizes 930*2280*2240 mm
Unit Weight 440 kg 
Electrical Panel Star-Delta Starter
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