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J & C O'Meara | Woodworking Machinery | UK


Unlike the majority of manufacturers, the SM255t is designed with a backward tilting spindle. Working from underneath the stock makes for safer working, without restriction on the size of stock being machined, and without obstruction to the pressure guards or power feed. Wood chips are directed into the exhaust outlet in the machine base. 


The SM255t’s unique ‘true vertical’ rise and fall system allows for vertical adjustment of the spindle independent of the tilting mechanism. The angled tool when adjusted up or down thereby retains its position relative to the fence assembly. 

A cast iron table mounted on a heavy duty steel cabinet provides maximum timber support and a stable and accurate base for anchoring the spindle, motor housing, and rise & fall mechanism. All tables feature an anti-friction planed finish. The bearing housing, rise & fall assembly and motor mountings are also in machined cast iron. The spindle is belt driven by an industrial motor and runs in “sealed for life” bearings, which require only minimal maintenance. 

Table Size 1000 x 750mm
Table Height 880mm
Spindle Tilt + 5 degrees, - 45 degrees
Maximum Cutter Block Diameter 150 mm
Maximum Profiling Cutter Diameter 255 mm
Maximum Cutter Weight 7 kg
Maximum Tenoning Cutter Diameter 310 mm
Maximum Retractable Below Table 180 x 65 mm
Spindle Diameter 30 mm (Optional 1 1/4")
Spindle Length 140 mm
Spindle Speeds 3000/ 4500/ 6000/ 8000 rpm
Spindle Stroke 90 mm
Fence Plates (H x L) 150 x 425 mm
Extraction Outlets 1 x 125, 1 x 100 mm
Nett Weight 425 kg
Overall L x W x H 1120 x 760 x 1440 mm
Overall L x W x H (including sliding table) 1200 x 960 x 1440 mm


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