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sedgwick sawbench TA 315 Wood Working Machinery

Sedgwick TA 315

Model TA 315


  • Saw Blade Diameter: 315mm
  • Saw Blade Bore: 30mm
  • Saw Blade Projection @ 90 degrees: 105mm
  • Saw Blade Projection @ 45 degrees: 76mm
  • Spindle Speed: 3700 rpm
  • Motor Rating: 3 phase-3.0Kw (4HP) 
  • Size of Table: Length-800mm and Width 750mm
  • Height of Table: 850mm
  • Distance of saw to fence: 610mm
  • Fence with micro adjustment: 600 x 75mm
  • Dust Extraction Outlet: Machine-150mm and Saw Guard-50mm
  • Total Air Volume Required: 1445CMH
  • Nett Weight: 345Kg

Rolling Table (Cross Cut)

  • Table Size: Length-600mm and Width-350mm
  • Distance of saw to Mitre Fence: 620mm
  • Weight of Table: n/a

Rolling Table (Panel Sizing)

  • Table Size: Length-950mm and Width-1000mm
  • Distance of saw to mitre fence: 1220mm
  • Weight of Table: 70Kg

Extension Table (Righthand Side)

  • Table Size: Length-750mm and Width-600mm

Rear Take Off Table

  • Table Size: Length-820mm and Width-750mm
  • Weight of Table: 15kg