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Charnwood W670 Sawbench Wood Working Machinery

Charnwood W670

A trade rated panel saw capable of handling 8’ x 4’ panels. The sliding beam has a heavy duty construction with a telescopic support arm under the outrigger table, to allow heavier panels to be effortlessly moved. 


The back fence is 1200mm long and is extendable to 2100mm. There is a sliding production stop with a metric measuring scale. The fence can be set at any angle between 90 and 45 degrees.

For crosscutting solid wood there is also an auxiliary mitre fence which is adjustable 60 degrees each way and has a cam lock vertical work clamp.


The rip fence runs on a solid steel bar and allows dimensions of up to 1225mm to be set. The is also a micro adjuster to allow the rip fence to be moved by small amounts.


A 3hp Induction motor supplies the power for cutting up to 100mm depth. There are 2 separate hand wheels for controlling blade height and blade tilt.


Supplied with emergency stop button, 24 tooth TCT sawblade, sliding beam, rear extension table, right hand extension table, dust extraction outlet 100mm diameter, cable and 16 amp plug.


Main Table Size 760mm x 960mm
Maximum Ripping Width Using Fence 940mm
Maximum Crosscutting Width 1225mm
Blade Tilt 90 - 45 degrees
Cutting Depth at 90 degrees 100mm
Cutting Depth at 45 degrees 75mm
Blade Diameter x Bore x Kerf 315mm x 30mm x 3.2mm
Work Table Height 875mm
Motor (induction) 2200w (3hp) / 240v
No-load Blade Speed 4250
Minimum Blade Width (Kerf) 3.2mm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 2500mm x 1400mm x 1250mm
Minimum Floor Area Required (WxD) 2500mm x 3100mm
Weight 194Kg
Db (Without Load/With Load) 81Db/89.5Db
Rating Trade
Warranty 1 Year

It is highly recommended that a dust extractor is used at all times with this saw to prevent the harmful build up of dust and chips. The hose kit supplied collects dust from the saw guard and takes it to the single 100mm diameter hose connection point at the rear of the machine.

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