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Charnwood W692 Dust Extractor

Charnwood W692 Dust Extractor

The largest in the light trade range for those who occasionaly need a very high air volume.


    Supplied with 5 micron filter bags, durable steel fan, NVR switch, casters, quick release metal straps and 3-way inlet.


    Hose not supplied as standard.


    A 16 amp electricity supply is required to run this machine.


    • Motor: (Induction) 240v-2200W
    • Flowrate: 3000m3/hour
    • Inlet Diameter: 1x150mm or 3x100mm
    • Bag Capacity: 296L
    • Dimensions: width1500mm x dia750mm x height 1950mm
    • Weight: 59Kg
    • Rating: DIY/Light Trade
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