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Kirkwood Homes

Working with one of Scotland's premier house builders. 

Kirkwood Homes

Kirkwood Homes invested in a new large capacity CNC machine. The new machine selected was the heavy duty, high speed AES Vega Ultra with 6m bed. This machine now allows the machining of stair stingers as well as being able to tandem load doors for cutting the locks, handles, key holes, vision panels and recessing for the hinges. The AES Vega Ultra has a generous specification which included both linear and rotary tool changers along with a dedicated horizontal double sided router head to allow the cutting of lock cases and recessing for the hinges. The machine also has 10 x face drills, can drill on all 4 edges and has an aggregate to allow the machining to the head and base of the door if concealed closers are required. Despite the 6m bed, the machine can position at up to 90 m/min ensuring the highest possible productivity for this busy house building company.

Located in Sauchen, Inverurie, Kirkwood Homes specialise in the construction of luxury timber framed houses throughout Scotland. They were looking for a machine to allow the in-house production of staircases and interior doors.

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