CNC Drilling

The AES Sirius 950 series of CNC drilling machines is the starting point for those looking for an accurate and productive drilling system. The Sirius brings CNC technology to the small to medium sized company but is ruggedly constructed and with its high-speed movements is also beneficial to the larger furniture producers.

The AES Sirius CNC drilling machine was developed using the wealth of experience gained from large machine production and uses all the quality components you would expect to find in a product manufactured by AES. The standard AES Sirius 950 is a full blown through feed CNC drilling machine having 10 vertical drills, the ability to end drill to all 4 sides and has a grooving saw in the X direction. The machine uses Alphacam CAD/CAM software and has a user-friendly drilling macro to make programming a fast and easy process.

The AES Sirius 950M is also equipped with a 5.5Kw router head and offers greater versatility allowing grooving, pocketing, shaping, engraving etc whilst the AES Sirius 950M ATC is equipped with both a router head and a 6-position automatic tool changer.

All AES Sirius machines are produced based on many years of experience in the field of CNC machinery production. The movement of the panel is by a gripper, so the panel is positively held, does not slip and is just as effective on panels with a textured surface. This is a positive drive system for the panel and allows movements of up to 70m/min. The drilling and routing take place from below ensuring all holes are kept clean and unobstructed by swarf. The machines are equipped with infeed and outfeed air flotation tables as standard and the operator has the choice of where the panel should finish, either at the front or the rear of the machine.