CNC Woodworking Machines

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CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which means these Woodworking Machines are programmable. The machine is programmed using code that instructs the CNC Wood Machine what to do – e.g. how to move & what speed to move at. The machine can repeat this program continuously.


Because the CNC woodworking machines don’t need anyone to guide them, they are a lot more accurate than manual-controlled machines. The benefits of using these machines compared to others are that they are highly accurate, templates created can be easily repeated, rapid production and they’re cost effective because waste is minimum.


J&C O’Meara supplies a wide range of CNC products & Wood Machines including CNC Nesting, CNC Door Machines, 5 Axis CNC Machines, CNC Drilling, CNC Pod & Rail and CNC Software & Training. CNC Nesting is the process of arranging the wood parts to minimise waste so you’re making sure all the material is being put to use.


Our CNC machines can cut wood, plastic, plexiglass and alucobond. We have a new model of a CNC Router in stock called the AES Flexa Pro CNC, it features the Alphacam CAD/CAM solution, this is known for being easy to use and creating fast & efficient toolpaths. This model can carry out 3D Engraving which is becoming increasingly popular.


All our CNC Wood Machines are of the highest quality, we also offer software training which is guaranteed to get you familiar with CNC Technology.


For more information or to order one of our CNC Woodworking Machines, simply contact our friendly team on 01704 893 109.